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The Massi Mission. Gold is money - Everything else is credit.

Ethically and ecologically sustainable money. Powered by blockchain. The value is determined by the price of gold. Invest in gold. Pay with gold.

Massi is for us. In gold we trust.

  • Protect your wealth with gold
  • Benefit from blockchain technology
  • Replace coins or banknotes with Massi micro-payments
  • Use Massi micro-payments in games

Massi is easy. Massi is a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

  • Massi is one gram of gold
  • Massi’s value is determined by the price of gold
  • Massi is a socially sustainable part of the circular economy
  • Massi does not support tax evasion
  • Massi produces "dividends”, and its value is secured

Massi always has the market price. The value of Massi is defined by the spot price of gold.

  • The value of the Massi is guaranteed by international gold markets
  • The amount of Massi is limited and based at the amount of gold in the gold reserve of Massi
  • The ultimate number of Massi is limited to the amount of the gold stock above the ground
  • Each Massi token is backed by one gram metallic gold

Gold Bar Pile
Massi is a developing platform. Massi is a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

  • Massi Gold Settlement
  • Massi Reserve
  • Massi Account
  • Massi Wallet
  • Massi Exchange

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He who has the gold, makes the rules